Crisis can be a productive state. One must only remove the connotation of catastrophe from it.

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Life-Coaching and Psycological Support


We all experience times in life that are filled with questions and challenges. Situations in which we go through difficult periods where our worries overshadow the joy and trust in life. For some, it may be a specific aspect of their life that occupies their thoughts, while others feel overwhelmed in a more general sense.

In my work with clients, I focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of discomfort rather than just treating the symptoms. My guidance provides you with a safe space to regain strength and achieve positive change in your life.


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Why Embodied Change?

Embodied Change refers to the concept that real transformation cannot solely occur on the intellectual level. Our body and mind are interconnected, and it is crucial to consider and address them as a whole in order to achieve genuine change.


When we solely focus on the intellectual level, we often remain trapped in old patterns and behaviors. We might be aware that something needs to change, but we are unsure of how to implement it effectively. Connecting with our bodies allows us to dive deeper into our own experiences and physically perceive our emotions and sensations. This enables us to establish a stronger connection with ourselves and understand how authentic change feels on a physical level.

I have personally experienced this, and I have observed it in others as well. By connecting with our emotions and paying attention to our body’s signals, we can deepen our connection with ourselves and others, leading to a more profound and fulfilling quality of life. By considering ourselves as a whole and actively working on ourselves, we can cultivate a new experience that supports us on our journey towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

Inquire into the mind, connect with your body, understand its language and change your Life!

Whom is it for?


We will discuss your concerns and explore together what you need in the present moment and for your future path.



In couples work, I collaborate with both partners, and if necessary, with each individual separately. We examine the relevant issues in your relationship with the aim of uncovering the root causes of your conflicts and developing more fulfilling ways of being together.


Working in a group is a powerful way to engage with our issues and can contribute to the healing process in a different manner than individual work.

My guidance and counseling can help you in various ways, including when:

Things in your life are not working out as you would like them to.

You feel somehow unfulfilled and unhappy.

You want to understand why certain patterns seem to repeat themselves in your life.

You are seeking a new perspective.

Life seems to be very challenging at the moment, and you would like to talk to an impartial person about it.

You might feel that something is missing in your life but can’t quite grasp what it is.

You are experiencing difficulties in relationships.

You feel unmotivated.


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Who is Francesca?

I am a curious explorer of both the inner and outer worlds. From an early age, I have learned the importance of taking an active role in shaping my life and relationships, as it is through this process that I can create a life that truly feels good and fulfilling to me. Along the way, it has often been necessary for me to engage in self-reflection and personal growth in order to clear away inner obstacles and stumbling blocks.

Sessions last 60 minutes

We work together online via video-call

Please contact me for more information

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