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I have come a long way in my own life to better understand myself, make peace with my wounds, and accept myself. This extensive practical experience with personal growth, coupled with an intense exploration of various topics related to trauma work and personal development, has convinced me of the effectiveness of attachment-based and emotion-oriented body psychotherapy. This perspective was further reinforced through my training in Compassionate Inquiry.

An important realization for me during these years was that it is difficult to resolve our life issues outside the realm of connection and (inter)dependence. This is mainly because most of our difficulties arise within relationships. Therefore, I work with attachment-oriented coaching methods and base my approach on the latest findings from neuroscience, which highlight the clear connection between the body and the mind.

Originally starting my career as a speech therapist, I worked in various fields for many years until I finally found my true calling in the field of personal development. Now, I am delighted to offer my years of experience and refined skills acquired through training to help others on their journey towards a more fulfilling and vibrant life.

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Seeking – that is departing from old constants and wanting to find what is already known in the new.

Finding – that is the completely new!

The new also in movement. All paths are open, and what is found is unknown. It is a venture, a sacred adventure!

The uncertainty of such ventures can only be taken on by those who feel secure in the unsecured, who are led into uncertainty, into being without a guide, who surrender to an invisible star in the darkness, who let themselves be drawn by the destination and do not, with human limitations and restrictions, determine the goal.

This openness to every new realization outwardly and inwardly: that is the essence of the modern human, who, in all the fear of letting go, experiences the grace of being held in the unfolding of new possibilities.

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Education & Certification

Compassionate Inquiry by Gabor Maté

2022 – 2023 one-year professional training

Compassionate Inquiry is a psycholtherapeutic approach developed by the Canadian physician Dr. Gabor Maté.

Manuel Voice Treatment

  • fascial 2014

  • pulmonal 2012
  • laryngal 2011

Speech-and Language Therapy

2004-2007 State Examination as Speech- and Language Therapist with 8 years of professional practice following

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